Information for First-Time & Experienced Traveling Healthcare Professionals


Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC)

States with Free CNA Reciprocity:

Not every nurse is eligible for a housing stipend. This is where it can get confusing and nurses can get themselves into (tax) trouble. A travel nurse housing stipend is only applicable when you have a tax home, are traveling away from that tax home for work, and are incurring housing expenses while away from your tax home.

In other words, the travel nurse housing stipend is based on your duplicating expenses. It is not meant to be 100% profit and is illegal to accept if you are not using it for its intended purpose. If you aren’t sure if you qualify for a travel nurse housing stipend, ask your Avani Healthcare Staffing recruiter for guidance.

Chains offering discounts to Avani Healthcare Travelers

Other Housing Resources

Extended-stay hotels may also be an option. Additionally, there are several travel nurse groups and communities on Facebook that can be a great resource.

Avani Healthcare Staffing follows the Joint Commission credentialing requirements for our healthcare professionals. Everyone who travels with us must provide:

  • Copy of RN’s driver’s license
  • Copy of RN licensure (except for paperless states)
  • Physical within the past 365 days
  • Hep B immunization or declination form
  • Front & back of all RN certifications
  • Immunizations or titers for Mumps, Rubella, Rubeola, Varicella
  • PPD completed within the past 365 days